The Hero died … but that’s not the end of the story !

Do you ever worry about the state of the world and think just why are we in such a mess? 
 Daily news bulletins are dominated by one disaster after another. There are so many problems: COVID-19, violence, terrorism, injustice, climate change, poverty and moral decline to name a few. Politicians are genuine in their efforts to resolve these dilemmas, but in all truth, they have neither the capacity nor the cure to reverse the difficulties facing us. 
 There is a way out! 
 As well as an extraordinary healer and teacher, our hero had wonderful qualities: he was loving; entirely patient and forgiving; compassionate; gentle; just; truthful; faithful; humble; kind. 
 His life mission had been saving lives which, eventually, cost Him His own life.
 He was cruelly murdered by a jealous gang of His own people. 
The Hero died ..... but thats not the end of the story ..... 

 Three days later a miracle happened which changed the world - for good ....... 
 He rose from the dead! 
 Our Hero is, of course, Jesus Christ. After forty days the Bible tells us He went away to His Father in heaven. 
 This is what the angels promised those who watched Him go. 
 “This same Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven will come back in the same way as you have seen Him go into heaven”. (Acts 1:11) 
 Jesus, the Son of God, is coming back as King, bringing justice, peace and joy to this Earth including freedom from fear, illness, pollution and even death itself (Isaiah 35).
 The Bible clearly refers to this Kingdom which Jesus will restore. At His return Jesus will raise from the dead those who trusted Him and followed, by faith, His teaching. They, together with those still alive at His return and who believe in Him will be invited to share God’s blessings with Him. 
 At first sight the solution seems impossibly simple - but this is God’s gift to you! (Romans 6:23) 
 Too good to be true? 
 God cannot break a promise, cannot tell a lie and never exaggerates. The Bible is God’s method of communicating to us. When we read the Scriptures we are hearing Him speak to us. Why not read the Bible for yourself and check it out? 
 If you would like to talk with someone about Bible teaching, listen to a Bible based talk or if you would simply like someone to pray with you then please get in touch on our contacts page. 
 May God bless you as you get to know the Hero, Jesus Christ, who continues His mission to save lives! 

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